Scala in Business | Knoldus Newsletter – October 2014

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Hello Folks

This time I got bit late due to the festival week in India. But i have some intresting stuffs for you only.

We are back again with October 2014, Newsletter. Here is this Scala in Business | Knoldus Newsletter – October 2014

In this newsletter you will get to know how organizations are getting benefits by using Typesafe Reactive Platform, how Akka is helping to build scalable and fault tolerant applications and how Spark is doing fast processing than Hadoop.

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Rishi is a tech enthusiast with having around 10 years of experience who loves to solve complex problems with pure quality. He is a functional programmer and loves to learn new trending technologies. His leadership skill is well prooven and has delivered multiple distributed applications with high scalability and availability by keeping the Reactive principles in mind. He is well versed with Scala, Akka, Akka HTTP, Akka Streams, Java8, Reactive principles, Microservice architecture, Async programming, functional programming, distributed systems, AWS, docker.

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