ScalaGeek – Online assessment made easy

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ScalaGeek in its newest version aims to cover the complete cycle of notifying the candidates, conducting the test and evaluating the performance of candidates. Organizer/Recruiter get his own dashboard which gives access to the evaluation screen of each tests. Recruiter can easily filter out the best performing candidate using easy-to-use sorting/searching menu.

Here are given the screen-shots to make the new functionality familliar:

First, access and get yourself register as a recruiter. For this click on the button “Register Here” given for recriuter.

You will get to a sign-up page, here provide correct email because this will become your point of contact for different notification from ScalaGeeks and about candidates results.

Now, go to the ‘Pricing’ menu, from the menu bar and you will see different available plans.

Choose a plan and clicking on ‘Subscribe’ will take you to Paypal payment page. Here you could login and make the payment.

Now visit and login from the top-right login link from the site menu.

Now you can verify your subscribed plan and check the number of candidates that you can actively call for tests.

Below are given the set of steps for creating/organizing test and how to evaluate the performance of the candidates.

After login with your recruiter id and password, you would see a Recruiter menu in top  menu bar. Recruiter menu has 3 sub-menus to help you organize and conduct test.

My Dashboard
Here you can view all the test that your have created, along with lot of other information.

Organize New Test
Here you can choose examType (i.e. Scala), exam validity (should not be more than 15 days),and enter Candidates emails. Candidates remain in draft mode till they are not activated for sending the emails. This can be easily done by selecting the checkbox nearer to save/update button.

Candidates receive an email carrying unique encrypted link to the test. As the candidates finishes test, result is sent directly to recruiter on mail and is not shown to candidates.

Evaluate Performance
Evaluate performance screen is accessed from My Dashboard. This carries each of the candidates score.Selection_028

Candidates score is only known to the recruiter and is hidden from candidates. Though candidates do receive the information (email id) about his recruiter.