Sending AWS CloudTrail events to CloudWatch Logs 

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Hello Readers!! This blog will show how to send AWS CloudTrail events to CloudWatch logs. As we all know AWS CloudTrail records all API calls made to AWS services within an AWS account, including the identity of the user or service making the request, the time of the request, and the parameters of the request. 

And AWS CloudWatch is a monitoring service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that enables you to monitor and collect metrics, collect and monitor log files, and set alarms. CloudWatch provides data and actionable insights to monitor applications, infrastructure, and services that run on AWS or on-premises environments.

Let’s start!!!

Sending AWS CloudTrail events to CloudWatch Logs 

To send AWS CloudTrail events to CloudWatch Logs, you can use the CloudTrail service’s built-in integration with CloudWatch Logs. This integration allows you to stream CloudTrail events to a CloudWatch Logs log group in near real-time.

Following below are the steps to set up the integration:

Step 1: Open the CloudTrail console in the AWS Management Console. Create a trail for which you want to send events to CloudWatch Logs.

Move to Dashboard > CloudTrail > Create trail


Give it a name. 


For storage location choose according to you.


Step 3: Under the “CloudWatch Logs” section, select the option to “Configure” CloudWatch Logs. Choose an existing CloudWatch Logs log group or create a new one. Give here all the details.


Choose the log stream name format and the IAM role that CloudTrail will use to access CloudWatch Logs.

Click “Next”.

Choose log events.

log events

Select Management events.


Click on Next. Review and Create. It got created.


Step 4: Once the integration is set up, CloudTrail events will be sent to the specified CloudWatch Logs log group in near real-time. 

As you can see below CloudWatch log group got created itself. 

log group

Inside this, we will get all the log streams.

log group

You can then use CloudWatch Logs to search, filter, and analyze the log data, as well as set up alarms and notifications based on specific log events.

Overall, sending CloudTrail events to CloudWatch Logs can help you gain more visibility into the activity in your AWS environment, improve your security posture, and enable more efficient troubleshooting and analysis of issues.


Thank you for sticking to the end. In this blog, we have learned how we can send AWS CloudTrail events to CloudWatch logs. This is really very useful. I hope this blog helped you somewhere. Please share if you liked this blog. Kindly reach out to me for any related queries.


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