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What is Serverless computing?
The “serverless” bit doesn’t actually mean that there are no servers required to run the new feature. It just means that we don’t have to deal with the infrastructure.That means we don’t have to worry about scaling, multi-server communication and other problems related to distributed systems. Lambdas do everything for us!

Serverless can also mean applications where some amount of server-side logic is still written by the application developer but unlike traditional architectures is run in stateless compute containers that are event-triggered, ephemeral , and fully managed by a 3rd party.
These type of service has been previously described as ‘BaaS’ ‘Backend as a Service’.

When to use serverless:

In the below diagram the unit of work are getting smaller and smaller. we’ve gone from Monolithic -> Microservices -> Fuctions

serverless-blog (1)

There are already companies who provides functions as a service. Here are some of these:

Amazon – AWS Lambda
Microsoft – Azure Functions
Auth0 – webtask – IronWorker
Planet Rational – webscript
There are many other services available, and all of these differ by their technical capabilities and implementations.

Serverless architecture allows us to build pieces of code that do something useful, and at the same time, run quickly without consuming big amounts of server resources. It doesn’t mean that those function only usable in small scenarios. Although a function is a small unit, it can be invoked many times per second.

Stay tuned for the next blog on serverless. Till then Happy coding. 🙂

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