Setting a git server in local area network

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In this blog, we will learn to setup a git server in a system which will be accessible over the local area network.

First we have to setup SSH server to the system(Git Server), to provide access to other (git client) system. We will do this to get access to our git server, so git client will be able to push and pull code to git server. Both server and client have to install git as well.

Now create a user called ‘gitserver’ in Server and make sure clients can access this user without password.

Note: In this blog git server’s IP is and client’s IP is

Configurations at Server Side:

$ su gitserver
$ cd /opt/git
$ mkdir project.git
$ cd project.git
$ git init --bare

Note: This is to initialize empty Repository in /opt/git/project.git directory.

Configurations at Client Side:

$ cd project
$ git init
$ git add.
$ git commit -m "Initial Commit"
$ git remote add origin gitserver@
$ git push origin master

Now other clients can simply clone the git by the following command:

$ git clone gitserver@

The repository will be there in your system.

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