Solution for Riak 500 Internal Server Error

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I am new to Riak and learning it. Few days ago, I got 500 Internal Server Error exception while inserting data in a Riak bucket. It was weird because I was able to insert same data in different bucket.
I tried to find out root cause, but didn’t get success. After beating my head whole day, I posted it on Roak forum and stackoverflow. I got a response that issue is related to precommit hook. But still I didn’t get solution.

I didn’t make any change in Riak setting. I was not able to understand how this precommit was defined with the bucket.

I tried to overwrite precommit property of my bucket. Like this:-

I tried again to insert data and got same error again.

I found one more solution. I added a file advanced.config, where riak.conf is located, and below property

I restarted riak. This time my problem was resolved. Now I am able to add data in bucket successfully.

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