Springboot all possible ways to read props from Configuration file.

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Springboot YML/ Properties file

Various properties can be specified inside your application.properties file or inside your application.yml file, the following ways to reading properties from YML or Properties file.

  • Reading a single property
  • Read bunch of properties then use can use @ConfigurationProperties.
  • Read entire YML/Property file

Visit following URL and here you can find more properties:


In my case i’m using YML file

  enabled: true
  basePath: "/"
  mapping: "/voyager"
  endpoint: "/graphql"

Reading a single property

You can use @Value(“${<property-name>}) annotation
private String voyagerEnable;

Read bunch of properties

If you want to read bunch of properties then there are two ways:

  • @ConfigurationProperty(prefix) with @EnableConfigurationProperties annoation
  • @ConfigurationProperty(prefix) with @Components
@ConfigurationProperty(prefix) with @EnableConfigurationProperties(<property class>) annoation

Let’s register our configuration bean using @EnableConfigurationProperties:

@EnableConfigurationProperties – Creates a binding between a configuration entity class and Spring configuration stereotype so that after injection within a service properties can be retrieved easily.

@ConfigurationProperties(prefix = "voyagers")
public class AppProperties {
private Boolean enabled;    private String basePath;
    private String mapping;
    private String endpoint;
public class AppPropertiesDemo {
    private AppProperties appProperties;

    void checkProp(){
        System.out.println("Reading bunch of app properties =>" + appProperties);

Main class:
public class GraphQlApplication implements ApplicationRunner {
	private AppPropertiesDemo appPropertiesDemo;
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		SpringApplication.run(GraphQlApplication.class, args);

	public void run(ApplicationArguments args) throws Exception {
@ConfigurationProperty(prefix) with @Components

@ConfigurationProperties – Used to bind a class with an externalized property file. Very powerful and must be used to separate out bean classes with configuration entity class.

@ConfigurationProperties(prefix = "voyagers")
public class AppProperties {
    private Boolean enabled;
    private String basePath;
    private String mapping;
    private String endpoint;

We can autowire this property class as like that:
private AppProperties appProperties;

Read entire yml or property file

Spring Boot initializes its environment, it uses properties files, YAML files, environment variables, and command-line arguments to externalize the configuration.

This section i will discuss how to read the application property but it’s not a recommended approach, instead of that we use @Value annotation..

For that we can autowire spring framework class Environment bean. The @SpringBootApplication annotation enables auto-configuration and component scanning.

private Environment env;

log.info("Reading single property"+ environment.getProperty("voyagers.enabled"));

In this blog we have covered various way (Single | Multiple Properties | Entire Properties) to read properties of spring/spring-boot configuration file.

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