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Apache Airflow: Installation guide and Basic Commands

Reading Time: 3 minutes Installation of Airflow The more preferable approach to installing Apache-Airflow is to install it in a virtual environment. Airflow requires the latest version of PYTHON and PIP (package installer for python). Below are the steps to install it on your system To set up a virtual environment for Apache Airflow : virtualenv apache_airflow To activate the virtual environment navigate to the “bin” folder inside the Continue Reading

Apache AirFlow: Introduction and Installation

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is Apache Airflow ? Apache Airflow is a workflow engine that makes scheduling and running complex data pipelines simple. It will ensure that each activity in your data pipeline executes in the proper order also with the appropriate resources. Airflow is a workflow platform that allows you to define, execute, and monitor workflows. A workflow can be defined as any series of steps you Continue Reading