An: Quick Overview of Handling Alerts and popups with Cypress

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alerts and popup in cypress:  Cypress can work with alert by default. The pop-up can be an alert or confirmation popup. Cypress is designed in such a way that it shall always click on the OK button on the pop-up. Moreover, Cypress has the ability to fire browser events. An alert is triggered by window:alert event. This is by default handled by Cypress and the Continue Reading

“Usage Of Datadog Synthetic Monitoring”

Reading Time: 5 minutes Synthetic Monitoring allows you to observe how your systems and applications are performing using simulated requests and actions from around the globe. Datadog tracks the performance of your webpages and APIs from the backend to the frontend, and at various network levels (HTTP, SSL, DNS, WebSocket, TCP, UDP, ICMP, and gRPC) in a controlled and stable way, alerting you about faulty behavior such as regressions, broken features, high response times, and unexpected status Continue Reading