Apache Airflow: Installation guide and Basic Commands

Reading Time: 3 minutes Installation of Airflow The more preferable approach to installing Apache-Airflow is to install it in a virtual environment. Airflow requires the latest version of PYTHON and PIP (package installer for python). Below are the steps to install it on your system To set up a virtual environment for Apache Airflow : virtualenv apache_airflow To activate the virtual environment navigate to the “bin” folder inside the Continue Reading

Creating a DAG in Apache Airflow

Reading Time: 4 minutes In my previous blog, I have discussed Airflow – A workflow Manager. In this blog, we will write a DAG for Airflow that would define a workflow of tasks and their dependencies. Before writing a DAG file, we will first look into the operators that can be used while writing a DAG. Airflow Operators An operator represents a single, ideally idempotent, task. Operators determine what actually Continue Reading