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How to create applications in ArgoCD

Reading Time: 5 minutes This blog will show different ways of creating applications in ArgoCD, So Stay Tuned! PREREQUISITES Kubernetes Cluster up and running on Local, minikube, or any Cloud providers GitHub or Gitlab Account First, let us understand few concepts of ArgoCD ArgoCD is a GitOps continuous delivery tool that means you define all your applications, manifests, and resources that you want to deploy in your Kubernetes cluster, Continue Reading

Setting up Azure AD Saml using Dex server in ARGOCD

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this blog, we will go through the steps required to configure Azure AD SAML to authenticate and authorize in ARGOCD application which is hosted in any environment and is accessible over a URL. Lets take a look at the setup which is required in Azure AD and argo-cd config. Pre-requisites: Requires an Azure AD account Requires ArgoCD setup Azure AD SAML Enterprise App Auth Continue Reading

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How to manage multiple clusters using ArgoCD

Reading Time: 2 minutes ArgoCD is a declarative, GitOps based Continous Delivery (CD) tool for Kubernetes. It focuses on the management of application deployments, with an outstanding feature set covering several synchronization options, user-access controls, status checks, and many more. It has been developing by intuit in 2018. Prerequisite Installed kubectl command-line tool Have kubeconfig file Git repo Installed ArgoCD here Setup the clusters on GKE or EKS (where Continue Reading

how to set up argo cd in ubuntu

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello folks , You all must have heard about argo cd and to get the basic idea what the argo cd is you may check this out . So, In this blog we will see how you can set up argo cd on ubuntu . so to work with it , you need to install it by following the below instructions: click here and then Continue Reading