Asynchronous messaging

Getting started with Apache Kafka and Quarkus

Reading Time: 4 minutes Overview The ideal framework for continuous delivery and greater resilience is provided by micro-service-oriented architecture. In addition to boosting developer efficiency and improving real-time scalability, they encourage quicker innovation to respond to shifting market conditions. In order to build scalable architectures, we need event-driven and asynchronous integration between microservices. We have multiple options available for asynchronous integration. Kafka is the most popular platform offering characteristics Continue Reading

pubsub gcp

Google Cloud Pub/Sub: Asynchronous Messaging Service

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction Google Cloud Pub/Sub is reliable, scalable, fully-managed asynchronous messaging service for exchanging event data among applications and services. By decoupling senders and receivers, it allows for secure and highly available communication between independently written applications. Google Cloud Pub/Sub delivers low-latency/durable messaging, and is commonly used by developers in implementing asynchronous workflows, distributing event notifications, and streaming data from various processes or devices. Pub/Sub Core Continue Reading