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What is SQS(Simple Queue Service) How does it works?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction:- SQS(Simple Queue Service) is a pull notification platform. SQS is a fast, reliable, fully managed message queue service as it is a web service that gives you access to a message queue that store messages waiting to be processed as it offers a reliable highly scalable hosted queue for storing message between servers. It allows for the decoupling of application components such that failure Continue Reading


Simple Queue Service – Quick Start | AWS SQS – Part 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi everyone! Almost a month back I wrote a blog on Message Queue and there I told you that soon I’ll start writing about Simple Queue Service. For a basic understanding of Message Queues, you can have a look here. Talking about Simple Queue Service, it’s a service provided by AWS, and in short, just known as SQS. What is Simple Queue Service? AWS SQS Continue Reading