Zabbix installation on Amazon EC2

Reading Time: 4 minutes Zabbix is an enterprise-class open-source distributed monitoring tool. It helps in network monitoring, server monitoring, Cloud monitoring, and many more.Around 200+ integration supported. It can collect metrics from multiple sources, detect problems instantly, get alerts, and help in data visualization. More information can be checked on the introduction blog Installation Install Zabbix server, Frontend, and Database Steps for installing the Zabbix server, Frontend, and Database Continue Reading

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How to Access cross Account using IAM role in AWS

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is cross-account in AWS? You can use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles and AWS Security Token Service to set up cross-account access between AWS accounts.  When you assume an IAM role in another AWS account to obtain cross-account access to services and resources in that account.  What is IAM role? Prerequisites: Create an IAM role in Account A: Using account B: Test Continue Reading

How to setup VPC Flow logs to S3 

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hello Readers! This blog will show how to set up VPC flow logs to S3 and CloudWatch. So, let’s see what are VPC flow logs and how to set up VPC flow logs. We can view flow logs through S3 and there are also other options like AWS Cloudwatch log groups. These flow logs play a very significant role in debugging flows also. What are Continue Reading

How to Transfer data between Amazon EC2 and S3

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello Readers! In this blog, we will see how to transfer data between amazon ec2 and s3 buckets. Basically what we will do is we will upload files to s3 buckets by using the ec2 instance. EC2 is a computing service for AWS and S3 is an object storage service offered by AWS.  Let’s do it! Step1: Create an EC2 instance by using which you Continue Reading

How To Allow IAM User To Access EKS Resources

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi Reader In this blog we are going to learn about How to Allow AWS IAM User To Access EKS Resources From AWS Console. When we create EKS Cluster by default EKS does not allow IAM users to access Its resources by AWS console. So we are going to find out the solution for how an IAM user can access EKS resources. When you try Continue Reading


How to create AWS SNS using Terraform

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi all, In this blog we are going to create AWS SNS(Simple Notification Service) using Terraform. We will be going to create SNS topic, then we will also be creating topic subscription using Terraform. Provider Firstly we will be providing the provider details. Here i am going with aws provider with region us-east-1. Resource aws_sns_topic We are going to use one terraform resource known as Continue Reading

How to delete unused key pair from AWS using boto3

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi all, today we are going to perform an automation stuff. Using this script we will be going to delete all unused key pair from our AWS account using boto3. By doing this we can ensure that our AWS account remains secure to some extent. Checking all key pairs Firstly we will be writing code to see our all key pairs that exist with the Continue Reading

How to deploy an app using AWS App Runner

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hello Readers in this blog we will see how to deploy an app using AWS App Runner. We will also see What is App Runner? Its benefits and how to use it. So, It’s a recently launched new service by AWS which is a fully managed service. By using it with a few clicks we can deploy our containerised web applications. Deployment  can be done Continue Reading

How to do VPC Peering in another region?

Reading Time: 4 minutes VPC Peering:- Inter-region VPC peering is the peering between VPCs that are situated in several AWS regions. Data transport can be up by using a VPC peering connection. To route traffic using private IPv4/IPv6 addresses, two VPCs must create a networking link known as a VPC peering relationship to connect to each other. Instances can connect with one another through the usage of a VPC Continue Reading

How To Use Cloud Nuke?

Reading Time: 3 minutes So if we talk about Infrastructure as a Code(IAC), we know it is the best way to bundle your infra as a code. And for that purpose, we generally use terraform as it is easy and open source and used by folks worldwide. Sometimes we forget to clean up the resources we have created in our cloud environment and that may lead up to using Continue Reading

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Using Serverless To Save Up To Weeks Of Development Time

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this article, we will talk about how we will be using serverless to save up to weeks of development time. To demonstrate this, we will be taking an example of a RESTful service which is pretty standard and many projects spend weeks of development time in early stages of the project to set it up. If you take a look at the above diagram, Continue Reading

How To Run Custom Binaries On AWS Lambda? [2 Ways]

Reading Time: 2 minutes When you get into serverless more, you get tempted to know how to run custom binaries on AWS Lambda because AWS Lambda does not support every framework or runtime so you have to create your own makeshift solutions using the currently available runtimes. Before we go on and add our own binaries, we first need to learn about AWS Lambda and how it actually works. Continue Reading

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How To Put Event Data On AWS Event Bus Using Lambda?

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this article, we will talk about how to put event data on AWS event bus using Lambda. This article will help you adapt serverless architecture as it involves one of the standard core data flow models that involve API Gateway, Lambda, and a data processing service such as AWS EventBridge in our case. Throughout the article, we will be taking the help of AWS Continue Reading