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How to send Email using Celery in Django application

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hello Readers! In this blog we will see how to send email using celery in the django application. We will use celery_flower for the monitoring of the tasks done by the celery. As you all know celery is use for the tasks for doing asynchronously. A task can be anything like any python functions which have something to execute.  Prerequisites: Before starting we have some Continue Reading

Apache Airflow: Scaling Using Celery Executor

Reading Time: 4 minutes Apache Airflow is a platform to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor workflows. If you are new to Airflow, please go through my introductory blog. One of Airflow’s biggest strengths is its ability to scale. In this blog, we will find out how we can scale Airflow using executors. Overview In Airflow, even the local executor is extremely powerful as you can start scaling Airflow and Continue Reading