Working With Liquibase Changelogs

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the previous blog, we learned about best practices for managing Liquibase changelogs. In this blog – “Working With LIquibase Changelogs” we will see the actual working of Liquibase changelogs and all we can implement using Liquibase Changelogs. Let’s re-visit to see what are changelogs – Liquibase Changelogs Liquibase changelogs are a collection of database changes that can be executed on a database to bring Continue Reading

Best Practices for Managing Liquibase ChangeLogs

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the previous Liquibase blog we saw the essential introduction to Liquibase and its advantages. Now, let’s move to the second step of the series in which we will see the “Best Practices for Managing Liquibase ChangeLogs”. Let us start by seeing ChangeLog formats ChangeLogs are an ordered list of changes to be deployed to the database. You can also try to mix and match Continue Reading