How to heal the locators with Self Healing Mechanism in Katalon Studio

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hi Folks! While performing automated testing, there are many instances when an automation engineer encounters NoElementFoundException. This generally means that your script is unable to find the specified locators. This can be due to many of the reasons, either it is broken locator, race condition, wrong locator strategy etc. The question that arises now is how can we avoid such errors in our automation scripts. Continue Reading

Improve test quality using codeless solutions

Reading Time: 3 minutes Codeless automation testing is a new and big thing in testing field. Thus term is codeless which means there is no need to write code. We all know that the testers are not coders. Hence these tools help testers to write code with great ease. Testers can improve test quality by using codeless solutions. Hence testers can now focus more on the test case side Continue Reading