Rest Assured and Concourse – How to integrate?

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this short blog, we will see how to integrate rest assured with the concourse CI pipeline. As we all know, CI/CD is now a major part of the software industry and we as QA engineers must tussle with CI/CD to have our automated test integrated with the pipeline. This blog is all about that tussle only. So, let’s begin. What is Concourse? Before moving Continue Reading

Karate DSL and Concourse – How to integrate?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi folks, In this short blog, we will see how to integrate Karate DSL having API tests with the concourse. Since CI/CD is a major thing in the software industry now, we need to have our tests integrated with the CI/CD pipeline that we are using in our respective projects. This blog is all about integrating Karate with Concourse CI. So, let’s begin. Setting up Continue Reading


Concourse and FLY CLI – A Quick Overview

Reading Time: 3 minutes Concourse Concourse is a pipeline-based continuous thing-doer. It is based on the simple mechanics of resources, tasks, and jobs, it presents a generic approach to automation that makes it ideal for CI/CD. Quick Installation Download the docker-compose file For the concourse backend, it includes a concourse server and a PostgreSQL database. wget Run that docker-compose file docker-compose up -d It will be running at Continue Reading


Architecture of Concourse & their component .

Reading Time: 2 minutes Concourse is just a simple distributed system build-up, from the following components. The architecture is mainly divided into two nodes i.e. web and worker node. Concourse web and worker subsystems run on multiple VMs. Web node :- * ATC (Air traffic control): Web UI,API,build scheduler All scheduling of pipeline is handled by ATC only, we can also say that ATC is the heart of the Continue Reading

Integrating Selenium with Concourse CI

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hi all, As we all may know, CI/CD has taken a very crucial place in the software development industry. Along with our development code, it is very important to integrate our automated tests with CI/CD as well. Hence, this blog aims to throw some insights on integrating our Selenium tests with concourse ci. So, let’s get started. What is Concourse CI? Just like any other Continue Reading

Concourse CI CD pipeline

Reading Time: 4 minutes In this blog, we are going to set up a typical CI/CD pipeline using concourse to make the development process more agile and deployment more visible.