With Grafana K6, a Quick Overview Of Dynamic Correlation In Performance Testing

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hello there, everyone. In this blog, we’ll talk about and learn more about dynamic correlation in Grafana K6, our favorite performance testing tool. You might be wondering what the circumstances are and why we utilize them. So, let’s start with basic correlation principles in performance testing. The technique of retrieving a value from a prior HTTP response and using it in a further HTTP request Continue Reading

How To Find Correlation Value Of Categorical Variables.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hey folks, In this blog we are going to find out the correlation of categorical variables. What is Categorical Variable? In statistics, a categorical variable has two or more categories.But there is no intrinsic ordering to the categories. For example, a binary variable(such as yes/no question) is a categorical variable having two categories (yes or no), and there is no intrinsic ordering to the categories. Continue Reading