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Introduction to Hyperledger Sawtooth

Hyperledger Sawtooth is Hyperledger's open-source blockchain platform, following closely on Hyperledger Fabric. It is an enterprise distributed ledger proposed by Intel and was one of the first projects to join Linux Foundation's Hyperledger umbrella. This platform is modular, scalable, with…

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Exploring Java 10 using Docker

On March 20, 2018, Java 10 was released and everybody wants to explore Java 10 but not everyone wants to change their development environment. So in this blog, we will be discussing how can we use Java 10 using Docker.…

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Docker Architecture

In my previous blog, we had a little glimpse of what Docker is. It's time to take one step ahead of that. Let's understand more about Docker through its architecture. A Quick recall WHAT? Docker is a tool designed to…

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A step-by-step guide for protecting sensitive data in docker

Managing the password, access tokens and private keys are being tedious in the application. Any small mistakes accidentally expose all the secret information. Even storing such thing in docker images can be easily accessible one should just run the image…

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Simple Things You Can Learn From Cassandra Nodetool (Monitor/Manage) For DC/OS

Cassandra native tool called nodetool is used for monitoring and managing cassandra cluster for dcos

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Docker : linking and working with multiple containers

Prerequisites Docker installation from here. Create an account on Docker Hub In my previous blog we had a quick overview of Docker technology. I suggest you to have a look at my previous blog for better understanding. Our application can have multiple services…

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Getting started with Docker Compose

Prerequisite 1) Install Docker (Link - Docker setup) 2) Install Docker Compose (Link - Docker compose setup) Lets gear up with the basics of Docker. What is docker? Docker is a tool designed to make it easier to create, deploy,…

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Getting started with Docker: Practical Introduction

What is docker Docker is a is a software containerization platform which packages our software application and all its dependencies into a single package in form of containers. It helps to run our application seamlessly in any environment such as…

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How to install and use Docker: Getting started

What is Docker? Docker is the popular open source container engine to run distributed application. Docker Containers (Layer of abstraction): It allows a developer to package up an application and all of its part means the stack on which it…