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How to analyze Jenkins Build logs using the ELK stack

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello Readers! In this blog, we are going to see how we can analyze Jenkins build logs using the ELK stack. As Jenkins is known for its automation and we have a number of its builds logs. Here analysis of Jenkins build logs plays a huge role. So, I will explain and show you how we can monitor and analyze Jenkins build logs in our Continue Reading

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How to run Filebeat in a Docker container

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction Hi everyone! Today in this blog we are going to learn how to run Filebeat in a container environment. For a quick understanding – Set-up In this setup, I have an ubuntu host machine running Elasticsearch and Kibana as docker containers. I will bind the Elasticsearch and Kibana ports to my host machine so that my Filebeat container can reach both Elasticsearch and Kibana. Continue Reading

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Way To Ship Kafka Logs To Kibana Dashboard

Reading Time: 2 minutes What are Logs? Logs are well-explanatory records of events regarding the application, its performance, and user activities. The events can include deleting, or modifying a file for the application. They also include system configuration changes. Whereas, Log files stores records about these events occurring. Since they are used for tracking information about computing events. They come in handy when it comes to identifying the problems Continue Reading