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Which is better EventStoreDB or Kafka

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction EventStoreDB is a database management system optimized for storing and processing event data. It is often used in event-driven architectures, where the database is a central hub for storing and processing data from various sources. EventStoreDB is designed to be scalable, resilient, and fast, making it well-suited for high-volume applications that require real-time data processing. Building real-time data pipelines and streaming applications uses the Continue Reading

Basic Concepts of EventStoreDB

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction In this article, we will discuss EventStoreDB. EventStoreDB is a database that allows the user to read and store events into fine-grained streams, as well as read all or a subset of events. It is an approach to building applications focused on storing state changes as they occur. First, we’ll look at the core topics like events, event sourcing, and event streams. So let’s Continue Reading


Features of EventStoreDB

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction EventStoreDB is an Event-Specific Database. You may save each state change as a distinct event, in a contrast to state-oriented databases that simply keep the most recent version of the entity state. List of Features of EventStoreDB EventStreams Stream MetaData, Reserved Names and Event MetaData Stream MetaData In EventStoreDB, every stream has a corresponding metadata stream that contains a prefix of “$$”, for example, Continue Reading

EventStoreDB And Its Basic Concepts

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction EventStoreDB is a database that allows users to read and persist events into fine-grained streams while also accessing all or a subset of events. It is a database designed for event sourcing. Its designed from the ground up for Event Sourcing and provides an unequalled solution for developing event-sourced systems. What is an Event, Event Stream, Event Sourcing and EventStoreDB Event An event is Continue Reading

EventStoreDB vs Kafka

Reading Time: 5 minutes There is a lot of confusion in the community regarding EventStoreDB and Kafka – especially when it comes to event sourcing. Developers are confused to deciding which technology they should use. How they compare and what are the balance factor that they will have to make. This article helps you to understand, what the two solutions offer, how to use them effectively. First we need Continue Reading

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Connecting to EventStoreDB

Reading Time: 3 minutes EventStoreDB is an industrial-strength Event Sourcing database that stores your critical data in streams of immutable events. It was built from the ground up for Event Sourcing and offers an unrivaled solution for building event-sourced systems. The core features such as guaranteed write concurrency model, granular stream, and stream APIs make EventStoreDB the best choice for event-sourced systems – especially when compared with other database Continue Reading