Unfolding foldLeft and foldRight in Scala

Reading Time: 4 minutes The fold method is a Higher Order Function in Scala and it has two variant namely,i. foldLeftii. foldRightIn this blog, we will look into them in detail and try to understand how they work. Before moving ahead, I want to clarify that the fold method is just a wrapper to foldLeft, i.e. the fold method internally invokes the foldLeft method. So, now let’s get started. Continue Reading

ScalaFP: Let’s discuss about Foldable

Reading Time: 3 minutes In our today’s blog, we are going to discuss a type of iterator called foldable that is used to iterate over collections. Foldable is an abstraction for the foldLeft & foldRight. We will now look in the Foldable. Foldable Foldable type class contains the foldLeft & foldRight are instances of foldable which we are used on List, Vector, and Stream. We can create generic folds with Continue Reading