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Exploring the Real Power of Functional Programming

We have been programming with object-oriented technology for quite a while. But now we are moving away from it. Functional Programming is getting lot of attention nowadays. Even every mainstream language is now supporting functional style i.e Java, C++, C# … Continue reading

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Lenses and their use case : Scalaz.Lens, QuickLens, Sauron

Functional way of updating Complex nested objects Continue reading

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Getting started with ReactJS, Play 2.4.x, Scala, Anorm and WebJars

playing-reactjs This blog describes a basic example to render UI using React(A JavaScript library for building user interfaces) with Play 2.4.x, Scala, Anorm and WebJars. It also demonstrates the use of evolution in Play 2.4.x This is a classic CRUD … Continue reading

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Tutorial #3: Getting started with HTTP Programming in Play Framework

We have already discussed about the Play development environment in Tutorial #1 and use of WebJars, jQuery, Bootstrap & Bootswatch with Play in Tutorial #2 So, In this blog we would discuss about HTTP programming in Play Framework which would … Continue reading

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Playing MultipartFormData: A basic example to handle and test MultipartFormData request in Play Framework 2.3.8

Playing MultipartFormData The following blog and attached code represent an example to upload file using MultipartFormData request and Testing it into Play Application. A basic example to handle and test MultipartFormData request in Play Framework 2.3.8 The standard way to upload … Continue reading

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Knolx : Functions In Scala

In this presentation, we are going to discuss about Function Literal,  Higher Order Function, Partial Function, Partial Applied Function, Nested Function, Closures.  

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FunHop: Working with Exceptions in Scala – Problem Statement

If you look at the earlier posts in the FunHop series, you would notice that Exceptions are side effects. Exceptions by their very nature also break referential transparency and are context dependent. You would have got an idea about referential … Continue reading

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ScalaKnol: Understanding Loan Pattern

Loan Pattern as the name suggests would loan a resource to your function. So if you break out the sentence. It would Create a resource which you can use Loan the resources to the function which would use it This … Continue reading

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SICP Chapter 1 Solved with Scala

Ok, let us get the facts right. We have not provided solution to each exercise but the solutions that we have provided would be good for you to understand the concepts. It would also help you realize how efficiently we … Continue reading

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