Method Invocation in Scala

Reading Time: 2 minutes Introduction: Method Invocation is a technique that shows various syntax in which, we precisely call methods of a class with an object. The naming conventions of Scala are the same as of Java, that is:- There should not be any space between the invocation object or target and the dot(.) nor a space between the dot and method name. Nor there should not be any Continue Reading

Scala Beginner Series (1) : Basics

Reading Time: 4 minutes This series is all about the taste of Scala. It is best suitable for all the newbies in Scala. So here we go… This article will cover the fundamentals of Scala language. Values In Scala, we work with values: Values are used to define constants. val modifier means constant or immutable that means we cannot change its value once it is created. Thus reassignment to val is prohibited. It Continue Reading