How to play with VPC Firewall and Subnets using gcloud CLI

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hello Readers! In this blog we will see how we can play with VPC Firewall and subnets using gcloud CLI in a few simple steps. Before starting this we again have some prerequisites you need to follow: You must have a GCP account for this and you must have activated your GCP cloud shell.  Let’s get started! List the VPC : The command for listing Continue Reading

How to setup gcloud CLI on your machine.

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is gcloud cli ? Well if you want to interact with your google cloud platform using your terminal then your are at the right place. In this article ill let you know how to setup gcloud CLI to interact with GCP. To do this you need to setup the google cloud SDK on your workstation. A gcloud CLI helps to access the GCP with Continue Reading

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How to Deploy an application to App Engine in GCP

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello Readers! In this we will see how easily we can deploy an application to App Engine in GCP. In this blog firstly we will create a simple app engine application using cloud shell local environment. Then I will deploy that application to the App Engine. So, before starting firstly we will see what is an App Engine? Basically, App Engine is a PaaS (Platform Continue Reading

Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Part-1

Reading Time: 5 minutes Google Cloud Platform is a set of Computing, Networking, Storage, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Management services provided by Google that runs on the same Cloud infrastructure. There are over 100 products under the Google Cloud umbrella. In this blog, we will be discussing Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in detail. Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) provides access to a powerful sensitive data inspection. In addition, Continue Reading

Migrating from VM to Kubernetes Engine with Anthos

Reading Time: 6 minutes What if we had an automatic way to convert VMs to Containers. Does this sound like magic? Yes, ‘Migrate for Anthos’ does quite a bit of magic underneath to automatically convert VMs to Containers.