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Appium-Mobile App Automation[Test an app]Part-2

In our last blog we describe Installation and configuration of Appium on Ubuntu machine.Now we explain how to run automation test case on android device using appium. So for test the app we have to put the app apk in … Continue reading

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Hybrid application development: Future of mobile application development

Knoldus organized a Meetup on Wednesday, 30 March 2016. In this Meetup, we gave a brief introduction of Hybrid application development with Ionic Framework and Apache Cordova. Ionic is chosen as best framework for hybrid mobile application development. A wide range … Continue reading

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Setup dev environment for ionic framework

In the series of Ionic blog posts earlier we have seen why Ionic framework and what is crosswalk, now we are going to setup the dev environment for ionic framework. Ionic is an MIT-licensed, front-end, open source framework for creating … Continue reading

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Hybrid Mobile App and Ionic Framework

In this blog we are going to see and analyze what are hybrid mobile applications at root level description and a quick introduction to start with Ionic Framework, why Ionic Framework only and not other like Famo.us, Steroids, PhoneGap, Ti  … Continue reading

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