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Hyperledger Fabric Certificate Authority(CA) Client

In the previous blog, we discussed about Fabric CA Architecture, Initializing Fabric-CA Server and Configuring the database. Now, we will discuss how to use fabric-ca-client command. We can interact with Fabric-CA Server via Fabric-CA Client and there can be multiple … Continue reading

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Hyperledger Fabric Certificate Authority(CA)

Every operation in Hyperledger must be signed cryptographically with certificates. You can generate certificates yourself using OpenSSL or by using third party. Before moving further into details of CA lets first explore Hyperledger Fabric a little. 😉 Hyperledger Fabric Hyperledger … Continue reading

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Starting with Blockchain Chaincode using Golang

Chaincode, or a smart contract is a fragment of code written in supported languages like Java or Go that is deployed onto a network of HyperLedger Fabric peer nodes. Chaincodes run network transactions which are validated and then appended to … Continue reading

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