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How to join two Indices in Kibana

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello Readers! We are again back with a new interesting topic related to kibana. In this blog, we will see how to join two indices in kibana. As we all know Kibana is an open-source data visualization and exploration tool developed by Elastic. It is part of the Elastic Stack, which also includes Elasticsearch and Logstash. Kibana is design to work with Elasticsearch and allows Continue Reading

Effective Programming In Scala – Part 1 : Standardizing code in better way

Reading Time: 4 minutes A language is a set of standards. One has to follow them in order to avail benefits from the language. In order to maintain these standards, code in Scala has to be written in order to minimize the errors whether they are related with the concepts like redundancy of operations, use of properties of language those not supported by ScalaStyle or ScapeGoat or other checkers. Continue Reading