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How To Whitelist IPs Using Traefik Ingress Controller

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi Readers, In this blog, we are going to see how to Whitelist IPs Using Traefik Ingress Controller. In this blog, we are using version 2 of the Traefik ingress controller for exposing services to the internet, the IPs that are whitelisted only those IPs will be able to access your domain. What is IP Whitelisting? IP whitelisting will allow you to create lists of Continue Reading

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How to create Ingress rules in Kubernetes using Minikube

Reading Time: 4 minutes In this blog, we will learn about Ingress and how to create ingress rules, So Stay Tuned! PREREQUISITES Minikube Cluster kubectl Installed WHAT IS INGRESS? Ingress is an API object that allows the external traffic to the Kubernetes cluster based on the routing mechanism. It provides routing rules to manage external users’ access in a Kubernetes cluster via HTTP/HTTPS. WHY DO WE USE INGRESS? An Continue Reading

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How to use Traefik as a Reverse Proxy in Kubernetes? 

Reading Time: 4 minutes Traefik (pronounced traffic) is a modern HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer that makes deploying microservices easy. Traefik integrates with your existing infrastructure components (Docker, Swarm mode, Kubernetes, Marathon, Consul, Etcd, Rancher, Amazon ECS, …) and configures itself automatically and dynamically. Pointing Traefik at your orchestrator should be the only configuration step you need. Overview Imagine that you have deployed a bunch of microservices with the help of an orchestrator (like Swarm or Kubernetes) or Continue Reading