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Getting Started with Spring Security

Reading Time: 3 minutes Spring Security Spring Security is a framework that focuses on providing both authentication and authorization to Java applications. Basically, it provides ways to apply application-level security to the application. Let’s understand spring security with a real-life example Suppose we developed an application IPL Management System, and it has two different services i.e. User Service and another one is Admin Service. Now we need to make sure Continue Reading

Getting started with Grafana and Prometheus

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this blog we are discussing about grafana and prometheus, and some steps how we can setup grafana in our system. We’ll have a look at: What is Grafana How we can use Grafana What is Prometheus how to setup Prometheus 1-What is Grafana  Grafana is an open-source solution for running data analytics, pulling up metrics that make sense of the massive amount of data Continue Reading

How to setup and launch Kafka Connect/Connector

Reading Time: 3 minutes Let us discuss something about Kafka connector API and some basic fundamental of it and how to setup kafka connector in our system. Before start, we need to have basic knowledge of Kafka or we can go through this Document. We’ll have a look at: Kafka Connect API history Why kafka connect and Stream Setup and Launch kafka connector installation of Docker installation of Docker Continue Reading

Lombok in Java

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lombok acts as an annotation processor that adds code to your classes at compile time. Project Lombok is a java library tool that’s used to minimize or remove the boilerplate code. Also, save the precious time of the developers during development by just using some annotations. Now the question arises what exactly the Boilerplate code is? The Boilerplate code is sections of code that are Continue Reading

Fundamental Concepts for Kafka Connect/Connector

Reading Time: 4 minutes Let us discuss something about Kafka connector and some basic fundamental of it. Before start, we need to have basic knowledge of Kafka or we can go through this Document. We’ll have a look at: What is Kafka Connect Why we need Kafka Connect/connector How kafka Connect works Source Connector Sink Connector Kafka Connector Framework Let’s how we can implement the kafka Connector framework 1- What Continue Reading

Apache Airflow: Understanding Operators

Reading Time: 5 minutes An Operator is the building block of an Airflow DAG. It determines what will be executed when the DAG runs. They can be considered as templates or blueprints that contain the logic for a predefined task, that we can define declaratively inside an Airflow DAG. When an operator is instantiated along with its required parameters then it is known as a task. An Operator defines one Continue Reading

Apache Calcite : A Quick insight on Cost-based Optimization

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello folks , In this blog , We will discuss about what is Query Optimization,what is a plan cost is , how we can use to drive optimizer decisions and Issues In Cost-Based Optimization. What is Query Optimization: We can execute a single query through different algorithms or re-written in different forms and structures. Hence, the question of query optimization comes into the picture – Continue Reading

Introduction to Pentaho Report function and formulas

Reading Time: 3 minutes prerequisite : basic knowledge of Pentaho Pentaho Reporting offers many capabilities and expressions that can be used all through record advent. A characteristic in Pentaho Reporting is used to calculate a computed value, whilst an expression in Pentaho Reporting is a feature whose scope is constrained to the contemporary dataset row. A feature can also keep nation, gaining access to many rows of information. capabilities Continue Reading