Kafka Connect example: Mysql to Elastic Search

Reading Time: 3 minutes Overview: Hello everyone, in this blog, we will see an example of Kafka connect in which we will take a MySQL table, stream it to a Kafka topic, and from there load it to Elasticsearch and index its content. Installation: Now first of all we will install MySQL and Elastic search to our local system. For installing simply run: The next step is to make Continue Reading

JDBC connection with Pentaho

Reading Time: 3 minutes Pentaho Data Integration allows you to define connections to multiple databases provided by multiple database vendors(MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, and many more). Pentaho Data Integration ships with the most suitable JDBC drivers forsupported databases and its primary interface to databases is through JDBC. Vendors write a driver that matches the JDBC specification and Pentaho Data Integration uses the driver. Unless you require extensive debugging or have Continue Reading