kafka connector

Kafka connector with MongoDB

Reading Time: 3 minutes The MongoDB Kafka connector is a Confluent-verified connector that persists data from Kafka topics as a data sink into MongoDB as well as publishes changes from MongoDB into Kafka topics as a data source. Apache Kafka The Apache Kafka is an open-source publish/subscribe messaging system. Apache Kafka provides a flexible, fault tolerant, and horizontally scalable system to move data throughout datastores and applications. A system is fault tolerant if the Continue Reading

Kafka connect with Cassandra Source Connector

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this blog we will learn how to read data from cassandra source connector and write it to the kafka topic. Cassandra source connector is used to read the data from the tables and write it into the Kafka topic in JSON format. PREREQUISITES Installation of Apache Cassandra Installation of Kafka and Kafka connect CONFIGURING CASSANDRA CONNECTOR The connectors are configured using Kafka Connect Query Language Continue Reading

Creation Of Custom Kafka Connect/Connectors

Reading Time: 3 minutes Kafka Apache Kafka is a distributed event streaming platform that is open-source. Multiple organizations use it for increasing performance for integration of data, data pipelines, and streamlining of analytics for the applications which are mission-critical. The Kafka system is designed to be a fault-tolerant processing system. Kafka Connect/Connectors The Kafka Connect is defined as a framework that is designed for making the connection between the Continue Reading