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Akka-http Logging: Logging the Response Time of the Rest API

Sometimes while developing REST API’s we want to log the response time of  our REST APi for the sake of better tuning. We are going to discuss the same case here and will see how to do that in Akka-http … Continue reading

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Logging with Logback in Scala

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How to Implement Cross Cutting Concern using AOP in Scala

In this blog, I have explained that how easily we can implement Cross Cutting Concern such as logging using Aspect Oriented Programming in Scala. These concerns have nothing to do with core business logic. Aspect Oriented Programming is used for … Continue reading

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QuickKnol: Integrating Logback with Scala

Logback is the successor of Log4j and is one of the better logging frameworks around. In this post, we would quickly see how to set it up on a Scala project and how to start using it. The relevant dependency … Continue reading

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