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How to send logs to AWS OpenSearch using Logstash

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello Readers!!! We are again back with a new blog. In this blog, we will see how we can send logs to AWS OpenSearch using Logstash. Basically, logstash is an ingestion tool that we can use for sending the data to our desired destination from any source that we want. And We will use AWS OpenSearch for analyzing the ingest data coming from logstash. Let’s Continue Reading

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How to analyze Jenkins Build logs using the ELK stack

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello Readers! In this blog, we are going to see how we can analyze Jenkins build logs using the ELK stack. As Jenkins is known for its automation and we have a number of its builds logs. Here analysis of Jenkins build logs plays a huge role. So, I will explain and show you how we can monitor and analyze Jenkins build logs in our Continue Reading

What is the ELK Stack?

Reading Time: 3 minutes ELK Stack or more recently called Elastic Stack, is a combination of three open source projects – Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana – all developed by Elastic and used for storing and analyzing logs. Even though these are three separate products, they compliment each other to the extend that they have come to be recognised as one. Why Log Analysis? Before getting to know more about Continue Reading