ML and AI

Activation Function : Everything You Needed To Know

Reading Time: 4 minutes An activation function is a mathematical function that accepts input and produces output. It translates the input to the output of a layer-specific perceptron. These functions cause neurons to activate. It’s a non-linear adjustment we make to input before sending it to the next layer of neurons. Transfer Function is the another name for it. We employ Activation functions for a variety of reasons : Continue Reading

Spam Filters: All you need to know (Part -II)

Reading Time: 5 minutes Earlier, we had discussed the introduction and types of spam filters. To get an overview, follow this link.Here, we’ll discuss some commonly used spam filtering algorithms. Working of Spam Filters Using Conventional Programming Methodologies:- To begin, think about what spam looks like in general. You’ll note that certain terms or phrases (such “Just forU,” “credit card,” “free,” and “wonderful”) appear frequently in the subject line. Continue Reading