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How to be functionally lazy with Monix Coeval?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Asynchroneous programming and is well known term these days. Most of the applications are using this concept. In the world of big data there are many frameworks and libraries that allows us to write asynchroneous applications. Monix is one of the very famous and widely used library that provide asynchroneous programing for Scala and Scala.js. In this blog we would be talking about how the Continue Reading

Ingress to the Monix-Eval: Task

Reading Time: 2 minutes Monix that is used for composing Asynchronous programs for Scala and Scala.js runs on JVM. Monix 2.0 is modular by design so you can pick and choose: Monix-Execution: Scheduler, Cancelable, CancelableFuture and Atomic. Monix-Eval:  For controlling evaluation by means of Task, Coeval and TaskApp. Monix-Reactive:  Observable. Monix: Provides all of the above Let’s first talk about what evaluation mean in scala. Evaluation in Scala can Continue Reading