Monix : A Birds’ eye view

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hi folks hope you guys are doing, well recently we know we have a got a new release for Scala 3.0 which seems pretty exciting, also we started exploring some of the functional libraries one of them which I was exploring is Monix, a functional library a substitute cum extension to Monix, given which we organised a session with highlights major modules of it and Continue Reading

Ingress to the Monix-Execution: Scheduler

Reading Time: < 1 minute In the previous blog you learnt about Monix Task. Now lets dive into Monix Scheduler. Akka’s Scheduler that includes pretty heavy dependency whereas Monix Scheduler that provides a common API which is resuable. For this Scheduler to work first we need to include the dependency which is:- libraryDependencies += “io.monix” % “monix-execution_2.11” % “2.0-RC10” Make sure that your Scala version is same as Monix version Continue Reading

Ingress to the Monix-Eval: Task

Reading Time: 2 minutes Monix that is used for composing Asynchronous programs for Scala and Scala.js runs on JVM. Monix 2.0 is modular by design so you can pick and choose: Monix-Execution: Scheduler, Cancelable, CancelableFuture and Atomic. Monix-Eval:  For controlling evaluation by means of Task, Coeval and TaskApp. Monix-Reactive:  Observable. Monix: Provides all of the above Let’s first talk about what evaluation mean in scala. Evaluation in Scala can Continue Reading