An Introduction to Caching in Mule Soft 4

Reading Time: 5 minutes Mule runtime engine (Mule) offers customizable strategies, such as the Cache scope and the HTTP Caching API Gateway policy, to enable cache according to your needs. Let’s first have a look at caching, being followed by Cache scope: Caching: It is the process of storing frequently used data in memory, file system, or database which saves processing time and load if it would have to Continue Reading

Working of map and mapObject function in MuleSoft

Reading Time: 2 minutes Before understanding the map and mapObject functions in MulseSoft, let’s get familiar with the term MuleSoft. What is Mulesoft and what is Mulesoft used for? What is MuleSoft? MuleSoft provides an integration platform called Anypoint Platform to help businesses connect data, applications and devices across on-premises and cloud computing environments. What is MuleSoft used for? MuleSoft used to connect a variety of data sources, applications, perform analytics Continue Reading