A Little Hands-on with NumPy

Reading Time: 4 minutes NumPy’s built-in methods and concepts like vectorization, broadcasting and indexing allows you to focus on answering questions from your data and not about how to code those solutions. NumPy handles most of that for you.

NumPy – Say Bye to Loops

Reading Time: 5 minutes Numpy draws it’s powers from two major concepts – vectorization and broadcasting, These concepts help Numpy to say good bye to loops and hello to concise coding.

Introduction to NumPy

Reading Time: 4 minutes In this blog, I will walk you through the basics of NumPy. If you want to do machine learning then knowledge of NumPy is necessary. It one of the most widely used python library Numeric Python. It is the most useful library if you are dealing with numbers in python. NumPy guarantees great execution speed comparing it with python standard libraries. It comes with a Continue Reading