Object Oriented JavaScript

Object Oriented JavaScript: Polymorphism with examples

Reading Time: 2 minutes Again this is not the advance topic of JavaScript but it relies under Object Oriented JavaScript & polymorphism is one of the tenets of Object Oriented Programming (OOP), we all know what is Polymorphism from other languages (like C#, Java etc) but we always think when to use it, why to use it and how to this, and most of us are still in confusion Continue Reading

Object Oriented JavaScript: Objects, Encapsulation & Abstraction

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hi Folks, here goes a quick post regarding the most important & frequent concepts of Advance JavaScript or we can say Object Oriented JavaScript. Objects are the key concepts of JavaScript so lets quickly start with some code and concepts. We create objects with methods, properties and attributes, we make them bundled inside that object it’s encapsulation, these methods & attributes are abstracted from other Continue Reading