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Observability For Automation Tester

Reading Time: 5 minutes It is very common yet quite new to hear the term ‘Observability’. But what does that mean? In this current modern technology world where we are working with so many different types of systems – microservices, distributed systems and many others which are kind of huge spider webs. Imagine while testing these distributed systems and you have no clue of what’s going on under the Continue Reading

Application performance observation through New Relic.

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hello Readers, I hope you liked my previous blog on kubernetes autoscaling through karpenter. Today in this blog we will know about an amazing tool called New Relic. Also we will see application performance observation through New Relic. which can be helpful in making applications reliable as well as highly available for consumers. New Relic is a observability platform for application performance which can be Continue Reading