Integrate Substrate based 2D barcode scanner Pallet in your Substrate Runtime

Reading Time: 2 minutes In my previous post Substrate based 2D barcode scanner Pallet in Rust, I explained how to create Substrate pallet easily. A pallet, Also known as Runtime modules, contains the logic, which can modify the features and functionality of your blockchain’s state-transition function. A typical Substrate project consists of 4 components: NodeRuntimePalletsExecute in Docker The runtime is Substrate’s state transition function and is divided into separate Continue Reading

Substrate based 2D barcode scanner Pallet in Rust

Reading Time: 2 minutes As we know, Rust is one of the best programming languages for blockchain due to its highly-capable mechanism of handling mutable states. The fast, memory safe, and exclusively concurrent nature of this blockchain coding language makes it most suitable for developing real-world blockchains. I was looking for a Rust based blockchain framework and I found Substrate, which is developed by Parity technology and built in Continue Reading