1 comment on “MachineX: Why no one uses apriori algorithm for association rule learning?”

MachineX: Why no one uses apriori algorithm for association rule learning?

In my previous blog, MachineX: Two parts of Association Rule Learning, we discussed that there are two parts in performing association rule learning, namely, frequent itemset generation and rule generation. In this blog, we are going to talk about one…

3 comments on “Jmeter Load Testing:Send and Receive Email”

Jmeter Load Testing:Send and Receive Email

Email notification, send email and retrieve email is a important part of any company or organisation so if you have your email server and want to know the email performance of email server then we can use the jmeter. Beauty…

1 comment on “GPU, the soul”

GPU, the soul

For all these years, we have have been galvanized by the advancements in the field of computing. Most of it is aligned with the introduction of better and powerful CPUs. First there was a single CPU whose speed was the…

4 comments on “Tuning apache spark application with speculation”

Tuning apache spark application with speculation

What happen if spark job will be slow its a big question for application performance so we can optimize the jobs in spark with speculation, Its basically start a copy of job in another worker if the existing job is…

4 comments on “Mastering in Frontend : Getting Into Concepts – Part 1”

Mastering in Frontend : Getting Into Concepts – Part 1

All about AnguarJs, ReactJs, BackboneJs, JQuery and other libraries, from the intro to the actual concept.

2 comments on “Improve Performance By Using Keys Only Query on Google App Engine”

Improve Performance By Using Keys Only Query on Google App Engine

It has been around two months since we started to port an existing application on Google App engine. It used Hibernate for persistence, Wicket framework for web layer and Spring as an Ioc container. Looking at the will it play…