Why Ionic over others and what is crosswalk.

Reading Time: 2 minutes In our previous blog (Intro to Hybrid Mobile App Development and Ionic Framework), we have seen what is hybrid mobile application and its architecture with the introduction to Ionic framework, earlier we were concerned about using the ionic framework over others, so in the series we are going to compare and understand why ionic framework only, what are the difference and improvements that makes ionic Continue Reading

Hybrid Mobile App and Ionic Framework

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this blog we are going to see and analyze what are hybrid mobile applications at root level description and a quick introduction to start with Ionic Framework, why Ionic Framework only and not other like, Steroids, PhoneGap, Ti  and much more… that we’ll analyze soon. But this is not the restriction of topics because in between we should be aware of Sass (scss), Continue Reading

ScalaJobz updates: Job search app for iOS

Reading Time: 2 minutes Knoldus is excited to announce the official release of our award-winning ScalaJobz search app for iOS using Phonegap! The ScalaJobz Search app is now available for free download in the App store. ScalaJobz is a job aggregator for Scala Jobs across the world. It aggregates latest job offerings from various Job Portals like Indeed, Simply Hired ,Career Builder etc. It provides dedicated Scala job posting avenue for Continue Reading

Jasmine Test Cases-Part 1: Unit testing JavaScript in Phonegap Application

Reading Time: 3 minutes For PhoneGap applications, we can write unit tests that evaluate our JavaScript logic to verify proper behavior in our apps using a number of tools, but these only test JS execution and logic. In this blog, I discuss some of the basics for writing JavaScript unit tests using Jasmine. Then, you can apply that information to writing and running JavaScript unit tests with Jasmine.

Scalajobz Awarded at Typesafe Developer Contest

Reading Time: 2 minutes Scalajobz a community initiative by Knoldus was recently awarded at the Typesafe Developer Contest . We would like to thank all the judges Martin, Jonas Bonér, Viktor Klang, Peter Hausel, Josh Suereth , Rod Johnson and the people who are connected with Scalajobz in any way. Scalajobz is a community driven job portal for Scala jobs. It is specifically focussed on the Scala ecosystem. It allows Continue Reading