4 Easy steps to load configuration with pure-config

Reading Time: 3 minutes Configuration plays a very important role in application deployment. It is basicaly used to define environment variables and helps in deploying same code in different environment. In this blog we will be discussing 4 easy steps to load configuration with pure-config. Typically the configuration contains connection strings, connection details to external services and application settings etc. Typesafe config is one of the most popular library Continue Reading

Avoiding Boilerplate with PureConfig

Reading Time: < 1 minute The PureConfig library of Scala avoids boilerplate while loading configurations, which has always been an error-prone and monotonous procedure. The common way that we follow is deserializing each field of the configurations, which is again a cumbersome task. The more fields there are, the more code has to be written and tested and maintained. This kind of code is boilerplate because most of the times Continue Reading