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Resilience4J: Intro to Rate Limiter

Reading Time: 3 minutes Resilience4J is a popular Java library that provides developers with a set of tools for building resilient and fault-tolerant applications. One of the key components of Resilience4J is the Rate Limiter, which can be used to throttle the rate of incoming requests to a service or API. In this blog, we will explore the Resilience4J Rate Limiter and its benefits. What is the Resilience4J Rate Continue Reading

Resilience4j at a Glance

Reading Time: 4 minutes Resilience4j at a Glance Scope of this article is applications based on microservice architecture. Let me begin with a question, what is most important non-functional requirement from any application? Undoubtedly the answer of this question will be ‘Robustness’. This means applications must behave reasonable with respect to adverse scenarios. Against all adverse scenarios application needs to take either corrective action or redirect to reasonable action Continue Reading