Reactive Manifesto

Reactive System: A Better Architecture for Modern Software

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today, most real-time software are built as a reactive system. However, they have evolved over time. A few years back, software were way different from what they are today. They were different not only in terms of features and functionalities they offer but also in the way they were designed. For instance, earlier software dealt with limited data which was mostly at rest- meaning it Continue Reading

“Brief Description On Reactive System/Manifesto”

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is Reactive System ? A reactive system is an architecture that allows multiple individual applications to be merged into a single unit. Responding to their surroundings, being aware of each other. The first formalization of this term passed with the creation of the “Reactive Manifesto” in 2013. By Jonas bungle WHO, By transcending with many of the brightest minds within the distributed systems industry. Continue Reading

Reactivate your streams with Reactive Streams!!

Reading Time: 5 minutes As you all might have known by now that one of the hot topics for quite some time has been streaming of big data. Day after day, we see tons of streaming technologies out there competing with one another. The obvious reason for that, processing big volumes of data is not enough. We need real-time processing of data, especially when we need to handle continuously increasing Continue Reading