How to work on JavaScript with RegExp?

Reading Time: 4 minutes What Are Regular Expressions? This is a sequence of characters used to match character combinations in strings for text matching/searching. Regular expressions in javascript are search patterns (JavaScript objects) from sequences of characters. RegExp makes searching and matching strings easier and faster. How to Create RegExp Objects in JavaScript? Regular expressions in JavaScript are created with the RegExp object. Literal Notation Literal notation is one method of Continue Reading

How To Use Regular Expression In Scala

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi folks, here I am in this article going to explain Regular expression. How to form regular expression in Scala. What is Regular Expression: A regular expression is a string of characters and punctuation that represents a search pattern. Popularized by Perl and command-line utilities like Grep, regular expressions are a standard feature in the libraries of most programming languages including Scala. In Scala, we Continue Reading

What are regular expression and how to use regex in java?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Data extraction from bulk and validating the input/output is an important aspect of every programming language. One of the most popular ways for this is regular expression. What is a Regular Expression? A regular expression is a sequence of characters that forms a search pattern.It is  also known as regex.Regular expression is used to search required information for data by the use of search pattern Continue Reading