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Resilience4J: Intro to Rate Limiter

Reading Time: 3 minutes Resilience4J is a popular Java library that provides developers with a set of tools for building resilient and fault-tolerant applications. One of the key components of Resilience4J is the Rate Limiter, which can be used to throttle the rate of incoming requests to a service or API. In this blog, we will explore the Resilience4J Rate Limiter and its benefits. What is the Resilience4J Rate Continue Reading

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Resilience4J: Introduction to Bulkhead

Reading Time: 4 minutes Resilience4J is an open-source library that provides different resilience patterns for building resilient applications. Bulkhead is one of the patterns provided by Resilience4J to prevent the cascading failure of an application by limiting the resources used by a failed component. In this blog, we will discuss in detail what it is and how Resilience4J implements it. What is a Bulkhead? It is a physical barrier Continue Reading

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Introduction To Resilience4j: What It Is And How To Use It With Examples

Reading Time: 4 minutes Resilience4j is a library that helps to build resilient and fault-tolerant applications in Java. It provides an easy way to add fault tolerance to your existing code base and offers a wide range of features for better control over the failure-handling process. In this article, we will introduce Resilience4j and how it can be used with some examples. So let’s dive in! What is Resilience4j? Continue Reading

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Resilience4j: Getting Started with Circuit Breaker

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction Resilience4j is a lightweight, easy-to-use fault tolerance library for Java 8 and functional programming. The Circuit Breaker is one of the main features provided by Resilience4j. It is used to stop cascading failures in a distributed system and provide fallback options. To get started with Circuit Breaker in Resilience4j, you will need to add the resilience4j-circuit breaker dependency to your project. Once the dependency Continue Reading

Introduction to Resilience4j

Reading Time: 3 minutes Resilience4j is a fault tolerance library designed for Java 8 and functional programming. It is lightweight, modular and really fast. We will talk about its modules and functionality later, but first, let’s discuss it briefly. Fault Tolerance The ability of some components of a system to function properly in the event of a failure. It sounds simple, but it is not that easy to achieve, Continue Reading

Resilience4j at a Glance

Reading Time: 4 minutes Resilience4j at a Glance Scope of this article is applications based on microservice architecture. Let me begin with a question, what is most important non-functional requirement from any application? Undoubtedly the answer of this question will be ‘Robustness’. This means applications must behave reasonable with respect to adverse scenarios. Against all adverse scenarios application needs to take either corrective action or redirect to reasonable action Continue Reading

Working with Bulkhead in Resilience4j

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi guys, In this blog, we will discuss a fault tolerance library which is, Resilience4j. So, this library comes into use when we want a system to continue operating properly in the event of the failure of some of its components. Let’s start with a quick introduction to Resilience4j. Introduction Resilience4j is a lightweight and easy-to-use fault tolerance library. It is inspired by Netflix Hystrix Continue Reading

Resilience4j Retry with SpringBoot

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hi guys, I hope you are doing good. In this blog, we will be talking about one of the core modules of resilience4j: Retry. If you are not familiar with the resilience4j library then you can refer my last blog Bulkhead with Resilience4j. It would be a 2 minutes read. What is Retry in API calls? We use the Retry mechanism to make out the micro-services Continue Reading

Bulkhead with Resilience4j

Reading Time: 3 minutes Resilience4j is a lightweight fault tolerance library, inspired by netflix Hystrix. It is kind of replacement of Hystrix because Hystrix is not in active development, instead in maintenance mode. It means they won’t review issue, merge pull requests and release new versions.

Circuit breaker with Resilience4j

Reading Time: 4 minutes This article talks about the circuit breaker module from resilience4j library.